Car Purchase Agreement

Selling ​​your used car yourself

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Make agreements about the purchase and sale of a second-hand car. A contract isn’t mandatory, but it’s wise to avoid discussions. Enter the transfer, price, date and note any damage. Take photos and add them to this agreement. Also available in Dutch.

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Model car purchase agreement

Two parties negotiate the sale and purchase of a used car (without dealer involvement). You determine the purchase price and transfer of the papers.

Recording agreements on paper establishes when the car will be delivered and who will pay for the car insurance until then.

Also in Dutch: Koopovereenkomst Auto

What to fill in yourself

Fill in the details of the buyer and seller. Also name the features, such as make, type, year of manufacture etc. These fields are clearly indicated.

Important is how and when the ownership passes to the new owner. If there are any damages or defects, note them down. Then you cannot be confronted with them afterwards.


Contains provisions on:

  • Personal and car details;
  • Sale price;
  • Date of transfer;
  • Risk and insurance;
  • Defects and warranties.


You use this document in the following situation:
When selling a used car, a signed contract is important. As such, the sale is concluded when the buyer and seller reach agreement. The advantage of a written car purchase agreement is that all the details are on paper.

There are legal matters you need to take care of, e.g. if ownership of the car is not transferred immediately. Who is at risk if damage occurs after the sale and the car has not yet been delivered? It is also important to record the kilometres driven.






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