Custody Agreement

Taking custody of third party goods

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Are you interested in storing goods of private individuals or companies? This is also referred to as taking into custody of movable goods. This custody agreement includes arrangements about the duration, costs, and the collection and return of the goods. This template is also available in Dutch.

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Custody agreement

Detailed template of a custody agreement to store goods for a fee, such as items of private individuals, companies’ supplies or the sound equipment of a band. These goods can be stored in a barn, a warehouse or some other locked space. This contract is also referred to as a deposit agreement.

Our model contract is suitable for commercial use, but is also useful for private individuals. The contract includes the name of the owner of the items and who is responsible in case of damage or theft. It is also clear that this is not a rental agreement (in Dutch: huurovereenkomst). Furthermore, the agreement contains arrangements about payment and the collection and return of the goods.

Our Custody Agreement is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in this agreement

Please fill in the names of both the depositor (legal term: bailor) and the depository (legal term: bailee). The party who owns the goods is known as the “bailor” and the party in temporary receipt is called the “bailee”. Also fill in the commencement date, duration, fees and payment details. You only have to buy our model contract once and then you can use it without limitation.


Includes provisions about:

  • Fees and payment;
  • Duration and term of expiration;
  • Maximum value of the goods;
  • Authority;
  • Rights and obligations;
  • Liability in case of damage.


This document in the following situations:
In the case of temporary storage of goods the owner of the storage is in a fairly strong legal position. If the bailor does not pay for the services or if payment is late, the bailee may retain the goods. This custody agreement clearly states that if the goods are not collected within the agreed term, the bailee has the right to move the goods or to sell them.

Please note: this contract is only suitable for the storage of goods. To garage (motor)vehicles you need to use our storage agreement (in Dutch: stallingsovereenkomst).






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