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For renting out goods, such as audio equipment, bouncy castles, camping equipment or party outfits. The legal term for these goods is movables. This rental agreement movable property includes arrangements about the rental price, the duration of the agreement and insurance.

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Model rental agreement movables

Movables is the legal term for property that can be moved, such as personal goods. Renting out movables may refer to many different kinds of goods. Basically it it possible to rent out any personal goods.

Important matters to think of are payment and liability. Who is responsible for any repairs and who will pay the bill? Please note: We also have a separate rental agreement for equipment (in Dutch: huurovereenkomst materieel).

What to fill in yourself

Please include a description of the rented goods, the rental price, the method of payment and the duration of this rental agreement movable property.


Contains provisions on:

  • Description of the rented goods;
  • Duration;
  • Rental price;
  • Security deposit (optional);
  • Liability and insurance;
  • Costs of repairs;
  • Possibility of immediate repossession of the goods;
  • Penalty for a late return of the goods.


This document can be used in the following situation:
When renting out goods (legal term: movables) it is advisable to draw up a contract. Central to our legal system is that if someone is in possession of goods or property, it is assumed that this person is the owner. If someone else is in possession of my photo camera, the law will assume that this person owns the camera unless I can prove that I am actually the owner. This will be a lot easier when both parties signed a rental agreement.

Our website also includes a purchase and sale agreement and a loan for use agreement goods.









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