Minutes GMS Issue of New Shares

New shares for one or more existing shareholders

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Resolution of the GMS to proceed with the issue of shares by a private limited company. This resolution is a requirement for the issue shares. The new shares are intended for one or more existing shareholders.

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Issue of new shares

Shareholders’ resolution to issue shares by a private limited company. These are intended for (one of) the existing shareholders. This requires a resolution of the general meeting of shareholders (GMS) under the law and the articles of association.

What to fill in yourself

You have to include the value and number of new shares yourself. Copy this from the proposal of the civil-law notary, accountant or bookkeeper. Also fill in the names of attendees, shareholders, date and place. Finally, of course, you have to sign the minutes.


Contains provisions on:

  • General provisions regarding the meeting;
  • Number of shares to be issued;
  • Legal grounds for issue.


You use this document in the following situation:
A private limited company may decide to issue new shares. It must take that decision at a shareholders’ meeting. Note that this issue must eventually be formalised with a civil-law notary. The latter must then also update the shareholders’ register.

If you are looking for a situation where the shares are for a new shareholder then there are other minutes for that. To issue shares to a new shareholder, you need these minutes.






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