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Sell or buy movable products without hassle

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You can draw up a purchase and sale agreement for movable property without delay. In this model contract you can fill in the sale price and the delivery or collection date of the product. You can also ask for a down payment and provide a warranty period. This contract is also available in Dutch.

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Draw up a purchase and sale agreement

Two parties agree to sell and buy movable property (in Dutch: roerende zaak). You can use our model contract for new, second-hand or home-made items. If you buy something of considerable value, it is advisable to put the agreement in writing. With this purchase and sale agreement for movable property, the risks for both the buyer and the seller are reduced.

We also have a model contract for instalment buying giving the buyer the opportunity to pay the purchase price in instalments.

Our Purchase and Sale Agreement is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in the agreement

Please fill in the description of the item, the date of the sale, the price and the method of payment (transfer to an account or cash). If you do not wish to include the provision about making a down payment or the provision of a warranty period, it can be deleted. Our model contract clearly states the different options that are available in the contract.


Includes provisions about:

  • Purchase price;
  • Description of the product;
  • Down payment;
  • Mode of payment;
  • Date of transfer;
  • Defects and risks;
  • Warranty.


This document can be used in the following situation:
If two parties would like to sell and buy a product, it is sensible to draw up an agreement. The law provides some basic rules. For instance the nature of the product sold must be clear, to whom the product will be sold and at what price. Statutory warranty terms must also be taken into account. This may vary per product. It is advisable to sort out the particulars beforehand. The Dutch Consumers’ Association published this article about the topic (in Dutch).

Our model contract is suitable for business to consumer sales (B2C) or sales between two private individuals. Please note: on our website we also offer specific contracts for the purchase and sale of a mobile home or a dog. Click here for all our purchase and sale agreements.






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    Thanks, this saved me a whole lot of time and research.

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