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Agreement for the sale and purchase of a static caravan or chalet between private individuals. If you’re not a legal expert this contract is very useful. It’s a save and easy way to arrange matters properly. A Dutch version of this purchase agreement mobile home is also available.

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Drafting a purchase agreement mobile home

Model agreement to be used for the purchase or sale of a chalet or static caravan. It’s advisable to lay down such a sale in a contract. In a purchase agreement the most important issues are put down in writing.

Obviously it includes particulars about the mobile home, but also details about payment and risks. For instance about possible damage between the moment of signing and the actual transfer of the mobile home.

What to fill in yourself

Give a detailed description of the chalet or static caravan. Include the brand, colour, and model. If applicable also add the chassis and serial number. You must also specify the sale price and if it includes the furnishings in the caravan. Clearly state what is and what is not included in the sale price.

You must also specify the date of the actual transfer of the chalet or static caravan. On this date the parties can either terminate or take out insurance.


Contains provisions on:

  • Description of the mobile home;
  • Price;
  • Date of transfer;
  • Method of payment;
  • Date of risk transfer;
  • Co-signature by the partner.


This document can be used in the following situation:
In the sale and purchase of a chalet or static caravan two matters must be arranged. The sale/purchase of the chalet or static caravan and the transfer of title of the agreement for the pitch. The latter must be arranged with the owner of the pitch, the caravan park or the recreation park. Be sure that you are aware of all the details before you buy the chalet or static caravan.

What is a purchase agreement chalet or static caravan?

The purchase of a chalet or a static caravan is essentially similar to the purchase of any other movable property. That is to say, it defines the most important details of a purchase. The provision about the property sold and at which price.  It is also important that any particulars such as pre-existing damage are included in the contract. Eventually the date of transfer is a relevant factor. On this date the risk passes to the buyer.

When to use a purchase agreement chalet or static caravan?

It is always a sensible decision to draw up a contract when you sell a chalet or a static caravan. Then both parties are exactly certain about the nature of the property that is to be sold. Does it only include the caravan? Maybe you would like to sell more, for instance the furnishings, plants on the site of the caravan etc. Who will deal with the park owner? To put it shortly, a contract will prevent uncertainty and discussions later.






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