Acknowledgment of Debt

Agreement including repayment arrangement

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You supplied goods or services and they have not been paid for. With this acknowledgement of debt you can come to an arrangement with the debtor to make repayments in instalments. You make arrangements about payment of interest and principal and the conditions. If the debtor still fails to meet payment obligations, the entire debt becomes payable on demand.

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Model contract Acknowledgment of debt

A purchaser has an outstanding invoice that cannot be paid directly. This agreement contains an acknowledgment of debt and includes arrangements to repay the debt in a number of instalments. You also make arrangements about the interest rate as a fee. We included a calculation example of an interest and repayment table to be used as a starting point.

After signing the agreement the debtor will make monthly payments of interest (in Dutch: rente) and principal. It is up to the creditor and the debtor to determine the number of instalments. In the event the debtor still fails to meet payment obligations, the debt becomes payable on demand. With this model contract an outstanding debt is turned into loan with a repayment scheme.

Our Acknowledgment of Debt is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in this agreement

Please state the circumstances of the debt and the outstanding balance. Also fill in the instalments and the interest rate. If a debtor is married or lives together (without being married) the partner must co-sign the agreement.


Includes provisions about:


This document can be used in the following situation:
An acknowledgment of debt is useful when someone cannot meet his or her obligations. Goods have been supplied, but the purchaser cannot pay for them. Therefore you make arrangements to pay in instalments. The debtor will sign this acknowledgement of debt. This way you have a better basis to finally get your money back.






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