Co-ownership Agreement

Making arrangements about shared ownership

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It’s important to make proper arrangements about shared property such as a chalet, boat or horse. For instance about the apportionment of costs or when someone wants to sell or terminate shared ownership of the property. These issues are laid down in this property co-ownership agreement.

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Shared ownership of movable property

In this co-ownership agreement two or more parties make arrangements about a co-owned property. The division of the ownership of the property (in percentage) is laid down but also the apportionment of costs, for example the costs of upcoming maintenance and insurance.

It’s also important to state the course of action in case of damage. This may be damage to your shared property or to a third party. You also have to make arrangements about the situation if one of the parties wants to end shared ownership of the property.

Our Co-ownership Agreement is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in the agreement

Clearly define the co-owned property and the date of commencement of the agreement. You can choose from different percentages.  Finally all the owners sign the contract.


Includes provisions about:

  • Description of the shared property;
  • Division of ownership;
  • Apportionment of costs;
  • Maintenance and insurance;
  • Termination and selling arrangements.


This document can be used in the following situation:
It is possible to co-own a number of goods. Nowadays many people would like to share, for example co-own a car, an animal, tools or other valuable goods.

Sharing is a good idea, but you have to consider the legal consequences. Co-ownership means sharing the risks and making decisions together. It’s advisable to make arrangements in advance and not wait until you’re party in a conflict.






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