Loan for Use Residential Accommodation

Safely lend your home to friends or others

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If your home is temporarily vacant you can lend it to someone else. It is not your intention to enter into a lease, since this will provide security of tenure and rent protection. In that case you can use our Loan for Use Agreement Residential Accommodation. Also available in Dutch.


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Loan for Use Agreement

A house or other property is temporarily vacant awaiting a tenancy agreement, renovation or a change in the intended use. Loan for use is an arrangement for giving permission for temporary occupancy of your property. Rent protection does not apply. A loan for use agreement is often used to prevent squatters. Rent is not charged. A borrower for use does pay the costs of gas, electricity and water, Internet and insurance.

This agreement can also be used for an office building that is turned into a temporary residential facility or for a shed or an industrial building used for storage, for example.

Our Loan for Use Agreement Residential Accommodation is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in the agreement

Please fill in the address details. Also state the date of delivery of the vacant building. All provisions to avoid security of tenure and rent protection are included.


Includes provisions about:

  • The intentions of the parties;
  • Registration obligations of the user;
  • Minimum of furnishings and fittings;
  • No subletting or lending to third parties;
  • On termination vacate the property with immediate effect.


This document can be used in the following situation:
Sometimes a residential accommodation or another type of immovable property is temporarily vacant. To prevent the risk of dilapidation or squatting, the property can be given on loan. A temporary loan for use arrangement does not include security of tenure or rent protection. Rent is not charged. A borrower for use does pay the costs of gas, electricity, water and insurance.

A loan for use agreement is also known as an antisquatting agreement. See our article on the legal aspects of reletting immovable property in case of a loan for use arrangement (in Dutch): doorverhuren bij bruikleen.





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