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Comprehensive model agreement for a strong legal position of the lessor. This contract contains all arrangements. Download our lease agreement office space in accordance with Dutch law and fill in directly. This agreement is also available in Dutch.

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Model Lease Agreement Office Space

Comprehensive agreement for office spaces subject to Book 7, Section 230a of the Dutch Civil Code (in Dutch: BW). This model agreement can be used for the commercial lease of (fixed) workstations in a multi-tenant business building, an office floor or an entire office building.

There are two types of commercial lease agreements: for retail and business property (in Dutch: winkels en bedrijfsruimtes subject to Book 7, Section 290 of the Dutch Civil Code) and for office buildings. Our lease agreement usually covers a period of five years. The lease term can be easily customized. There are no legal restrictions for a minimum duration.

Our Lease Agreement Office Space is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in the agreement

Please fill in the details of the lessee (in Dutch: huurder), the rent, the lease term and any other relevant information such as maintenance. It takes about ten minutes to fill in the agreement. Simply delete any passage that is not relevant.


Includes provisions about:

  • Description of the office space;
  • Provisions on the lease;
  • Additional contributions included in the lease;
  • VAT (in Dutch: BTW) options and payment;
  • Payment, guarantee deposit and rent adjustment;
  • Maintentance and apportionment of costs;
  • Termination of the lease;
  • Provisions on early termination;
  • Risks for permits and insurance.


This document can be used in the following situation:
This model agreement can used by any lessor (in Dutch: verhuurder) and is directly applicable. Further advantage is that general terms and conditions are not applicable (such as the provisions of the Real Estate Council of the Netherlands, in Dutch: ROZ bepalingen). Therefore you control the contents of the lease agreement.






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