User Agreement Office Space

Sharing an office or a workplace with another business

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You would like to share spare desks or unused office space with other businesses or organizations. Many leases prohibit subleasing. Offering (part of) an office space can be arranged by way of a service agreement. For this you can use our user agreement, which is also available in Dutch.

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Shared Use Office Space

You are looking for opportunities to share your spare desks or unused office space with other businesses or organizations. Your lease agreement office space (in Dutch: huurovereenkomst kantoorruimte) prohibits subleasing.

A User Agreement Office Space is not a lease but a service agreement. A fixed monthly amount is charged for the use of the facilities. In a user agreement all shared facilities are recorded, such as desks, coffee facilities, Wi-Fi, printing etc. By using a service agreement you are not entering into a lease. Therefore the user does not have any tenancy rights.

Our User Agreement Office Space is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in the agreement

Please include the duration of the agreement, the address details of the office space and which facilities are included. This agreement was drawn up to be used for a period of several months, but it can easily be adjusted to weeks. There is no statutory maximum or minimum period.

An optional provision of a deposit of one month is included. In case of independent access to the office space, the user will need a key or another means of access. For this a key holder agreement (in Dutch: sleutelverklaring) can be drawn up.


Includes provisions about:

  • Type of accommodation and address details;
  • List of servcies;
  • Fees;
  • Deposit (in Dutch: waarborgsom);
  • Manner of payment;
  • Duration and termination.


Renting an office or a workplace you would like to share the use of this space. A fee determines which facilities are shared and which are not. As a result this is a user agreement and not a lease (in Dutch: huurovereenkomst).

What is shared use?

Subleasing is prohibited, shared use however is not if the lessor grants permission. This User Agreement Office Space offers a service. This includes coffee facilities, cleaning services and Internet connection.






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