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Comprehensive tenancy agreement for residential accommodation. You can use this contract to rent out a residential property immediately. Just download the document and fill in the information. Please choose between the Dutch or the English version translated by a sworn translator.

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Renting out independent residential accommodation

Comprehensive tenancy agreement for residential accommodation where the tenant (in Dutch: huurder) is responsible for all aspects related to the use/ enjoyment of the property. Permission is required for making changes to the property. During the tenancy period the landlord (in Dutch: verhuurder) will repair all visible and hidden defects. This is a tenancy agreement for an indefinite period.

How to fill in this agreement

First fill in the personal details of both the tenant and the landlord, including the address of the residential accommodation. Make sure you establish the identity of the tenant on the basis of a valid identity document. It is not allowed to make a copy of the identity document. The document number however, may be included in the contract. You must also state the method of payment of the rent including a security deposit of one month.

Our Residential Tenancy Agreement is also available in Dutch.

When entering into this agreement the tenant and the landlord must make a joint inspection list. This list may include maintenance tasks that are the responsibility of the landlord.

In order to establish whether there are any repairs necessary that are payable by the tenant, this inspection list will also be drawn up when the agreement is terminated.  It is possible to extend this contract with our general terms and conditions (in Dutch: algemene bepalingen).


Includes provisions about:

  • Where the residential accommodation is situated;
  • Determining the rent (in Dutch: huurprijs) and service charges;
  • Obligations of the tenant;
  • Obligations of the landlord;
  • Alterations to the residential accommodation;
  • Giving possession after the tenancy period;
  • Payment of levies and taxes.


This document can be used in the following situation:
This tenancy agreement residential accommodation is meant for a normal lease that is subject to rent protection. Only the tenant can give notice of termination. The landlord can give notice to leave only in special circumstances.

We have specific contracts for letting rooms (in Dutch: huurovereenkomst kamer) or temporary tenancy agreements (in Dutch: tijdelijke verhuur) for residential accommodation.






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