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Cease and desist a violation of rights

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A comprehensive copyright infringement letter that leaves no room for a legal debate. In this letter you request the person who infringed your copyright to cease publication immediately. The work can be a text (book, article, song etc.) or a design (logo, drawing, artwork etc.). This template is also available in Dutch.

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It is a shock to find that someone else is using your text or your design (without reference to the source). But that’s not all. It is also an awful job to contact someone in hopes that this person will respond and will stop infringing your copyright. You’d rather not waste your time and energy on that. You could send a short and angry email. The question is whether your (emotional) appeal is legally correct and a good starting point for any further legal action.

This warning copyright infringement is a comprehensive sample letter. If the infringer does not give in to your demand, you can contact a legal expert specializing in copyright. Fortunately, in most cases this will not be necessary. Most people are scared off by this notice. Luckily they are, because it will save you time and effort and maybe sleepless nights as well.

To find out if you are in fact a copyright owner please read our article about copyright (in Dutch): “wat is auteursrecht“.

Our Copyright Infringement Letter is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in this sample letter

Fill in your personal details (complainant) and the personal details of the addressee (infringer). Please make sure that the copyright infringement is clearly described, for instance by including a hyperlink of the infringer’s website. You could also enclose your copyrighted work with this letter.


This warning includes provisions about:

  • Statement of copyright;
  • Statement of infringement;
  • Demand to cease and not resume the infringement;
  • Announcement of further legal action.


This document can be used in the following situation:
Copyright protects the rights of creators. There are some requirements. For instance, the work you created must be original. Creators are protected in other ways as well. Inventors can apply for a patent, brands are protected by trade mark law and a company name is protected when registered as an independent trade mark (in Dutch: handelsnaam).

Note: a specific template of a photography infringement letter is also available on our website.






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