Photography Infringement Letter

Use of photo (on the internet) without permission

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Your photo has been published without permission. With a photography infringement letter you do a request for payment. When you’re a professional photographer you ask for compensation based on your regular fee. This legally solid template is also available in Dutch.


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Copyright photographer

You are a photographer and your photo was published or otherwise made available to the public without your permission. You request for a compensation. It is not relevant whether you are a professional photographer or take photographs as an amateur.

It is prohibited to use your photos without your permission. This is a special form of a so-called wrongful act (in Dutch: onrechtmatige daad). The advantage is that in case of damage you qualify for compensation based on your normal fees. Note: a sample of a copyright infringement letter is also available on our website.

Our Photography Infringement Letter is also available in Dutch.

What to fill in

Please specify where the photograph was published. You have to substantiate your claim for compensation briefly and concisely. You can state your normal fee plus damages. If your photograph was published on a website, you can add that you demand that the photo be removed.

If you are an amateur photographer you may not charge a fee for your photos. In that case you can use the fees you can find online.


Includes provisions about:

  • State copyright (in Dutch: auteursrecht);
  • Description of the wrongful publication;
  • Amount of the compensation.


This document can be used in the following situation:
Publishing a photograph or otherwise making it available to the public without the approval of the author (or his or her news agency) is wrongful. That is self-explanatory. On the Internet you can find thousands of photos that have been published without permission, let alone crediting the source. As a photographer you are entitled to compensation.

Please mind that this letter cannot be used if you do not wish your photograph to be published in a particular context. If your photo appears on a website you do not want to be associated with, we advise you to call in a legal expert.





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