Employer Reference Letter

Testimonial for an employee leaving employment

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Comprehensive template of a testimonial for an employee who leaves employment. This model gives a framework and includes a list of core qualities for the purpose of assessing an employee’s performance. As an employer you will meet the legal requirements. Also available in Dutch.

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Neutral or positive testimonial

You can write a testimonial at the request of your employee. An employee who resigns is entitled to a testimonial. It always states the duration of the contract of employment (in Dutch: arbeidsovereenkomst), hours of employment and work performed.

Our example has a detailed framework that allows you to draw up a testimonial easily. You will give an assessment of the employee’s performance and his or her character. A list you can choose from is included. This letter is only added at the employee’s request. It is not customary to give a negative judgement.

Our Employer Reference Letter is also available in Dutch.

Details to be filled in

Always state all relevant details such as the term of the contract, hours of employment and duties and job title. This is required by law (in Dutch: wettelijk verplicht). On request the reasons and circumstances of the termination of employment are added as well. Our template includes catchwords that are useful when giving personal recommendations.


Includes the following specifications:

  • Start date and end date;
  • Working hours per week;
  • Assessment;
  • Reason of termination of employment.

It is possible to conclude a testimonial by stating that a potential next employer can contact you. This is optional and it is not an obligation.


This document can be used in the following situation:
Employees are legally entitled to a Employer Reference Letter. This document can’t contain untruths. Nor should negative assessments be included. Most assessments are neutral. A good letter contains a personal message that enables your employee to continue his or her career successfully.

Officially a testimonial and a reference are not the same. In a reference you vouch for a person’s character and abilities. Below you can state that you are prepared to provide the employee’s next employer with more information.


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  1. K.J.

    Nicely and well formulated template.

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