Land Use Agreement

Lend a small plot of land or a plot of agricultural land easily

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A loan for use agreement for a plot of land. You would like to lend the plot to someone else. You do not want to rent it out due to security of (agriculture) tenure. In that case loan for use is a good alternative. Download this contract and fill in your details. Also available in Dutch.

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A plot of land on loan

You own a plot that is not used temporarily. You would like to lend the plot to someone else and there is no fee involved. In this land use agreement you make arrangements with for instance a neighbour or other users. They are not entitled to security of (agriculture) tenure.

No matter the size of your plot; a 50 hectares of agricultural land, a garden or a green strip next to your home, this contract makes clear that it is a plot of land that is on loan. So this is not a land rental agreement (in Dutch: huurovereenkomst grond). The agreement also includes arrangements about the costs of maintenance and insurance.  

Our Land Use Agreement is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in this agreement

Please fill in the name and address details of both parties. Also include the size of the plot and the land registry number. You must also state the intended use and the allowed use of the plot. The contract clearly states which details must be filled in.


Includes provisions about:

  • Specification of the plot of land;
  • Use and buildings;
  • Damage and insurance;
  • Taxes and levies;
  • Notice period.


This document can be used in the following situation:
Sometimes a plot of land lies undeveloped. The owner is waiting for it to be sold or for a change in the intended use. During that time it can be given on loan, for instance to temporarily grow crop or put cattle out to pasture. A soon as the owner needs the plot for his or her own use, the loan for use ends. Also read our article about the risks of reletting in case of loan for use (in Dutch: risico’s van doorverhuur bij bruikleen).






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