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Employers often provide their employees with a computer, a laptop or a tablet. Companies want their employees to use these devices with care. This user agreement states the mutual rights and obligations. Also available in Dutch.

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User agreement laptop, tablet or pc

As an employer you provide a computer for business usage. In this user agreement it’s agreed that members of staff use the devices with care and that they will be returned on termination of the employment (in Dutch: arbeidsovereenkomst). In case of disciplinary sanctions, such as a suspension, use of the devices can be revoked with immediate effect.

A laptop can be used for working from home as well. This is regulated in a home-working scheme (in Dutch: thuiswerkregeling). Employers are also responsible for certain working conditions (in Dutch: arbeidsomstandigheden) when an employee is working from home.

Our User Agreement Laptop is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in this agreement

In the application form that is included, the specifications of the laptop are recorded. Such as the make, a serial number and distinctive business data. You will receive both our user agreement laptop and the application form that can be enclosed as a schedule to the agreement.


Includes provisions about:

  • Specification of the device;
  • Rights of the employee;
  • Use of the device;
  • Protection;
  • Insurance;
  • Return.


This document can be used in the following situation:
From a legal point of view this is a loan for use agreement. This means that the ownership of the device rests with the organization. In addition to the employment agreement you make arrangements about the use of a company laptop. This includes arrangements about liability, insurance, private or business use of the device, also when abroad.

Our website contains more user agreements, for instance of a smartphone and company car. Go to the category loan for use on our website (in Dutch: bruikleen) for a complete overview.






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