User Agreement Hairdressing Chair

Temporary use of a hairdressing or barber chair by self-employed hairstylists

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A hair salon often has different self-employed hairstylists. This agreement includes arrangements between the owner of a hair salon and a self-employed hairstylist. This model contract is also available in Dutch.

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Hairdressing chair/ barber chair

Many hair salons have self-employed hairstylists. They are independent workers without employees. They ‘rent’ a hairdressing/ barber chair in a hair salon. From a legal point view they do not ‘rent’ a salon chair, they make use of it. Furthermore, in addition to the use of the hair salon chair, other services are included. It is essential that it does not turn into a rental agreement and that the parties do not enter into a contract of employment. This agreement steers clear of the legal risks of this kind of cooperation.

Our User Agreement Hairdressing Chair is also available in Dutch.

How to fill in this agreement

This agreement is drawn up as a menu. By ticking the boxes you can specify the services included. It is up to you to determine the fee, for instance in addition to a fixed amount it is also possible to opt for part of the turnover.

If you would like to provide the hairstylist with his or her own key or another means of access for independent to access the hair salon, it is advisable to draw up a key holder agreement (in Dutch: aparte sleutelverklaring).


Includes provisions about:

  • Use of the salon chair, kitchen, storage space etc;
  • Additional services, such as the use of appointment scheduling, cash register and point-of-sale terminal, music etc;
  • Cleaning and maintenance;
  • Monthly fee and additional charges;
  • Liability;
  • Termination of the agreement.


This document can be used in the following situation:
The hairstylists who will be using the salon chair are self-employed professionals. It is not possible to impose many restrictions on them, or you will enter into an employment agreement (in Dutch: arbeidsovereenkomst). The hairstylists using the salon chair must take out their own insurance, in any event they must take out third-party insurance.

A hair salon provides a number of services. Of course the hair salon provides the basic necessities, such as a salon chair, a backwash unit, cleaning and maintenance. But also additional services such as the use of online appointment scheduling, music (muzak) and the costs of a music licence for hair salons. You also need to consider which brands the hair salon is using and if you would like the hairstylists to use them as well. The same applies for affiliation with a disputes committee.

What is an agreement hairdressing chair?

The agreement for renting out a hairdressing chair or a barber chair (salon chair) is a specific contract for the hair and beauty industry. In this agreement arrangements about the fee for the owner of the salon are set out. The most important aspects are included. This agreement also prevents the creation of an employment agreement. It balances both these interests.

When to use a User Agreement Hairdressing Chair?

The owner of a hair salon does not want to employ staff. The hairstylist who will use the salon chair is not interested in an employment contract. Both of them however, would like to make use of the services and the goodwill of the hair salon. Therefore both parties must be willing to work in a relatively nonbinding context. For instance, the hair salon owner cannot give mandatory instructions. This would create a relationship of authority. That is the essence of an employment agreement which must be avoided.


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